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You are the Mission Commander.

Your mission aircraft is the Aerovodochody L-39 Jet, a Czechoslovakian advanced jet trainer designed during the cold war.

This jet remains in service today for many countries armed forces conducting varied roles including air to air combat training and training for Russian Cosmonauts in their space programme.

It’s time to scramble - select the mission profile for your crew, don your flight suit, into the full mission briefing, kick the tyres, light the fires and launch!


Jet Fighter Introduction

Fighter Jet Intro

  • Strap into the L39 jet
  • Experience the 4000 pounds of thrust shoot you into the sky
  • Get upside down with some basic aerobatic manoeuvres
    • 1-hour total experience with briefing
    • 15 minutes of combat time
    • $1400

Jet Aerobatic Adventure

Aerobatic Adventure

  • Experience the full aerobatic capabilities of the L39 jet
  • Rocket to over 8000 feet altitude
  • Experience up to 5G’s
  • Conduct G turns, loops & rolls all used to either chase or evade the enemy in aerial combat.
    • 3 hours total experience
    • 20 minutes of combat time
    • $1990

Fighter Pilot Mission

Fighter Pilot Mission

  • Head out from the Airbase at full speed
  • Climb to combat altitude searching for the enemy fighters
  • Conduct aerobatic manoeuvres such as G turns, loops, Rolls, barrel rolls, hesitation rolls and Cuban 8’s. All manoeuvres used to chase and evade enemy fighters
  • Speed to altitude to escape the enemy fire and return home in time for the officer’s club
    • 2 hours total experience
    • 25 minutes combat time
    • $2350

Jet Dam Buster Mission

The Dam Buster Mission

  • Pure adrenaline from start to finish
  • Experience the full combat mission with everything the L39 has to offer
  • Blast out of home base climbing to 8000 feet away from prying eyes
  • Descend and hit the hard deck flying ‘nap of the earth’ at 500 feet above ground on the way to the mission target, Oakey Dam
  • Conduct a simulated bombing run to destroy the selected target
  • Rapidly climb out of missile range, looking over your shoulder at the beautifully rugged gorge country as you roll over the top to check the target has been destroyed.
  • The enemy could be hiding around any corner of the New England gorge country, aerobatics will certainly be required to evade them
  • You will experience up to 5 G’s and weightlessness
  • A victory roll will be required on return to home base
    • 2 hours total experience
    • 35 minutes combat time
    • $3200

Tailored Adventure

  • Do not feel restricted to our list of flight options
  • We can tailor an adventure to meet your desires – as mild or as wild as you like
  • Contact the office to begin designing your adventures

Enjoy this video of one of our flights .... image how it would feel to be sitting in this seat!

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